“I love that color! That color, exactly that blue.” We’re standing in the mall parking lot, a pearly incandescent moon about two-thirds full overhead. My daughter, who is delightfully delighted with the fuchsia pants I’ve just bought her, takes my arm and points – our two hands together – toward a portion of the sky a little above the moon. The lower sky is a brilliant sapphire and is the color I thought she was referring to. But she’s looking above that, at a murkier, slightly grayer blue. “It’s so beautiful,” she says in a dreamy voice.

Here under the parking lot lights, I breathe in her pleasure.

It’s been a wild ride of a week, filled with trauma and drama. Her brother is in a play and this seems to bring out both. There’s been plenty of Life happening, too. Changing plans that are out of anyone’s control. Upsetting things at school – again, outside of anyone’s control. We’ve all been rolling along, more or less happy with each other and supporting one another, but too often it feel like we’re on a life boat about to go over the Big Falls.

So I’ll take this moment, this pure delight at a hue, at the night’s sky, at the bigness of life that extends beyond – so very far beyond – our immediate selves. I’ll take this blue.

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