writer, yogi, facilitator, and …

IMG_4163 (1)Greetings! I am a writer, a mother, a curator, a facilitator, a dog walker, a partner, and a teacher & student of yoga. To name a few…

So throw off your stupid cloak. Embrace all that you fear. For joy shall conquer all despair.~ Patti Smith

Here, I write about the juice of creativity — a longtime interest that connects directly to my three books. I ponder the ongoing journey of parenting – blessing, exasperation, and a non-stop learning opportunity. And I return often to the topic of yoga in its fullest form as a practice that extends way beyond a 3 x 5′ rubber mat.

You’ll find the nitty gritty dates and titles for decades worth of learning, work, and curious play here.

I’d love to practice yoga with you; check out my current teaching schedule. I also lead workshops and have given talks across the country to colleges, high schools, and community groups.

Take a walk around the site and please reach out. Connections are always welcome! ~ Jennifer