Weekly Yoga – Gentle movement and meditation (Kripalu style)

I organize my yoga classes to provide a safe space in which all of us (myself included!) can land back in our bodies and out of the busy-ness of our minds. Through gentle movement, breathwork, and guided meditation we connect to Self. By doing this in community, we also activate our social engagement system, which helps us to be more flexible and secure. As a writer and lifelong yogi (I’ve practiced for most of my adult life), I provide clear cues and create a class environment that is both calming but not overly serious. According to Kripalu yoga–the system in which I am trained and intimately steeped, “The highest spiritual practice is self-observation without judgment.” You are your own greatest teacher, and yoga is your opportunity to reconnect to this wisdom.  I am happy to be your guide, but discerning your own voice and inner compass will the be the greatest gift you’ll receive from a regular practice.
  • Thursdays (Fall session: August 22 – Oct. 18)
    • 5:30-6:45 pm
    • Heartland Yoga, 221 E. College Street (on the Ped Mall)
    • $16 walk-in
  • Sundays (Fall session:  Sept. 23 – Nov. 11)
    • 4:00-5:15 pmThe Sycamore Rooms (downstairs from Acupuncture of Iowa), 2414 Towncrest Drive
    • $104/8-week session OR $15 walk-in
I work individually with people who need additional support in their lives, often because they are in a period of personal crisis that is related to physical health and/or emotional well-being. I provide a a combination of ways to work together, including restorative yoga, which encourages deep rest and relaxation; guided meditations that are tailored to your situation, and journaling prompts, also customized to you. I am attuned to Reiki 2 and enjoy sharing this with clients. In fall 2018, I will also be certified to offer Trauma/Tension Release Exercises to clients. This is a wonderful way to let go of tension held in the body and is easy to learn and to self-regulate.
These services are on a sliding scale of $50-$85/hour.



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