Weekly Yoga – Gentle movement and meditation

Sundays (starting Sept. 10, 2017)
4:00-5:15 pm
2414 Towncrest Drive / The Sycamore
Pricing – $15 walk-in
Come regularly to this weekly practice and you’ll find not only community and increased skill, but you’ll also be able to hear yourself. I believe in “the yoga of inquiry” – meaning that there are questions arising in our lives all of the time by which we can live, but first we need to hear them. Whether your questions are about physical or mental well being, the journey of your soul, or a desire to belong, I invite you to join me in the practice of inquiry.
Note: I offer these classes in “sessions” which allow me to coordinate my teaching around travel and also to offer a discount to students who purchase the entire session. You can come to class at any time, however.

 One on One

I am available for sessions with individuals and small groups. I am particularly interested in supporting those with anxiety and trauma.


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