What books, films, music (fill in other media) have especially inspired you as a creative mama? I’m trying to build a bibliography and am interested in works of fiction with mother/artist characters, biographies, or works that you’ve returned to when you’re in doubt about living this high wire life.

Thanks for your input here at the site or via email. The next post will be a compendium!

6 thoughts on “Inspiration?”

  1. I quote Dorothy Quimby, mother of Ramona and Beezus, whenever my children protest what they are served for dinner. She said something like, “Eat in anyhow.”

    Probably my favorite stories of motherhood are in Shirley Jackson’s book Life among the Savages. Our family read this out loud to one another in airports when traveling abroad two years ago. We still laughingly reminisce about some of the stories.

    My bookgroup also read it and really enjoyed looking at a portrait of motherhood from a very different era. So much has changed, so much remains the same.

  2. I like The Mommy Club by Sarah Bird, the main character does temp work long enough to earn unemployment, then spends her time off making art; she ends up becoming a surrogate for one of her bosses and then things really get interesting.

  3. I saw a PBS piece where Elizabeth Murray talks about painting with her children in the studio…how they literally grew up in that studio playing with toys at her feet while she worked.

    Also another PBS piece on Sally Mann was very inspiring. I love how she worked with her real life and kids, photographing them. The work is beautiful. It also taught me that there is a sacrifice you make in making your kids your subject… you aren’t really present with them, interacting with them. You are looking at them.

    Music for me right now is Radiohead In Rainbows and David Byrne + Brian Eno

  4. Ooh, I really want that Byrne + Eno! Will probably be a Xmas present to self. Did you read the photographer piece here on MOI that mentions Mann?

  5. Yes I did read it! I love this blog because it is exactly what I am about. Thanks for creating a community for us artist mamas. I’m eager for the next entry.

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