ambition – a post script

An article in today’s New York Times about the Czech band, The Plastic People of the Universe, who have been credited with playing an important rule in the downfall of that country’s communist government, talks about the lack of the recognition they have today. Speaking of the band’s keyboard player, Josef Janicek:

“While other rock stars tour the world and drive flashy cars, Mr. Janicek makes a living by delivering hot meals to a nursery school where the children know him as ‘Mr. Lunch.'”

This made me think of the work of so many working artists who are mothers. Even on the best of days, at the height of our success, we are always best known in our own universes as Mr. — well, okay, maybe “Ms. Lunch.”


3 thoughts on “ambition – a post script”

  1. Funny what our culture values. Those who really change the world don’t get enough recognition. On the other hand, it’s nice to know that Mr. Lunch really CAN make a difference!

    Re: the new book – I’d love to know more about the project! I tried to send an email but got the mailer daemon demon. I wonder if you could get through on my email?
    : ) lulu

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