I am feeling quite wordless today – as I was yesterday and the day before. I am hopeful about my horoscope, which so nicely echoes other readings and messages I’ve received in the past months … great work is afoot, be patient. Still, I find myself stewing in my own juices a bit too much these early fall days. Worrying about the roof and the boiler gets me no where. Instead, I choose to breathe, spend time on the mat – even if it’s only ten minutes, put my best work forward and be – the simplest and hardest work of all.

In the stead of words, some images of motherhood and womandom that have been on my desktop – which I am cleaning off today –  that tickle or intrigue me. Food for all of our thoughts…

Doesn’t this first mother look like Susan Sarandon? And yes, I admit it, I’d like a poster of me as some kind of Heroine of the Universe with the Greatest Mother embossed at the bottom in gold leaf. Is that shallow of me?

What’s with the wing? Is it the mother’s? Some angel overlooking them? And what about the blonde hair extension?

From the Playtex bra – images of product testing on Mad Men – to the platform sandals and the ill-fitting shorts, everything about this is just wrong!

I know I probably shouldn’t, but I love this image. Makes me chuckle and stiffen my upper lip a bit every time. I think I won’t erase this one…


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