What if we find that our present way of life is irreconcilable with our vocation to become more fully human?  ~Paulo Friere

In the spaces of this long weekend, I’ve been able to explore:  What’s next? What might be? Where is my desire? Finding cracks and sending out tendrils. Diving inside and getting just a hint of how vast it is. Being with another and remembering the points of connection – the divinity of touch and movement.

It’s so easy, so scary to think:  this is all. To feel small and trapped. And then when these openings come, it’s breathtaking to see how I might open into other ways of being, ways not even envisioned yet, and to dance into them – even a fingertip – feeling the vastness of possibility. The “bad” possibilities are everywhere – taunting and hindering – but it’s the “good” ones that I so seldom even invite in.

Making space for dreams. Nurturing the “what might be,” while also soothing the “worst case scenarios.” Sending messages to friends, to the Universe to move forward. Begin, change, shift. Forward.



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