what matters

hammock_feet_by_artisttoesThinking about what matters …

Not the exact placement of the words but the intention and energy behind them.

Not if my kids were on a screen for too long but if we connected – talked and laughed – before, during or after that time.

Not if I didn’t ride my bike today because of the heat/because I was late/because …  but that I look forward to the next ride.

Not the fancy, gemstone ring, but the true band.

Not the cobweb-free, scrubbed house but the home that sings our names.

Not the perfunctory, quick email, but the reply that’s been pondered and sent when there is time to reply thoughtfully. 

Not the dog-dug holes in the yard but the well-loved hammock under the tree.

Life is coming fast and faster, but I find that if I readjust my inner speed and just keep thinking, “What matters now – in this situation? with and for this other person? to my own well being?”  — then other things slow down – just enough to create a little space, a pocket of sweet, cool air.


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