birth day wish for myself

IMG_1571Here is what I know this Birth Day. I know that spending three days in relative silence has been amazing for my soul and I need more of this. I know that I miss my kids but that they are out there shining their beautiful hearts and meeting new people and adding to their already deeply layered life experiences (even if one of them is doing so without a sleeping bag or a towel!.

I know that being outside supported by nature, digging my hands in soil, feeling the sun on my face is incredibly healing … and that i will continue to seek in the coming years for a way for this to be my daily life – not just three months a year. California, you live in my soul – a place of mystery and deep possibility. Don’t worry – I’m coming.

I know that I am blessed to be surrounded by the din of animals and kind neighbors, of a partner with a BIG heart who paints on a large canvas, of a family that spans traditions and definitions and supports each other, of a workplace that values People over work.

My body is an amazing gift. In a yoga class in Madison this weekend – an unexpectedly very HOT and steamy class – I just had to say out loud:  thank you thank you, I am soo very grateful. (The woman next to me either didn’t hear or felt the same.)

I know that the exploration is never ending. Open one door and a myriad of others appear. Ever deeper into the mystery. The mystery of pain and sorrow, of joy and discovery, but ultimately of resting in oneness. The Great Hammock of Oneness, stretched out in front of the Pacific Ocean beneath this blessed tree … that’s my vision for this beautiful year that is about to unfold.


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