Wherever you are today, can you stay just a little longer?

Hear Jackson Brown’s anthem, or hear a Biblical command.

Whatever the voice that bids you, let your feet be gluey with

A permanence that suggests the ancient roots of a redwood.

Run mycelium threads into the earth that holds stories your

Infantile ears can only guess at.


Traveling in France, I was thankful for the reminders to attention:

Ecoutez! Restez! Arrêtez!

I want these voices in my ear each day, whether to spot the gap

On the subway platform or to slow for the caterpillar making

Its oceanic voyage across the gray of the cement.


Stay. Just a little longer.

Stay with that 2 AM doubt.

Stay with the juice of the peach.

Stay with the suitcases gathering in the foyer.

Stay with the stretch marks and the achy knees.


We leave so well. Rushing to the Next.

We leave without goodbyes.

We leave without a transition.

Staying is not a 21st-century skill.

And yet it’s so much harder than leaving.

Today:  Stay. Rest. Stop. Full stop.