I am a writer, mother, and teacher/student of yoga. This blog started as “Mothers of Invention” and initially featured artists who were trying to combine their creative life with the ups and downs of motherhood. The blog morphed into broader observations about life – both the mothering/creative life, and the yoga/spiritual life.

Along the way, I’ve written three books–two BK (before kids) and one AK. If you want to go out and find them to purchase, I won’t stop you: Dan Eldon: The Art of Life; Dan Eldon: Safari as a Way of Life; and Drawing from Life: The Journal as Art. (‘Writing another one?’ you ask. Check here.) I’ve also had many essays and articles published – some in big, fancy places like Salon and the Boston Globe, and many in smaller journals and web sites. My daytime “gig” – when not driving kids to and fro or walking the dog – is as assistant director of an academic research center, which means that I get to hang out with some really smart people in a very nice old house. It’s a good gig.

I have the absolute pleasure of being recently married to The Most Curious Man in the world – my title, not  his. He is a psychotherapist and a drummer. My kids are now nearly both in their teen years (gulp) and that combined with my actual birthdate and daily hot flash routine – sweater on, sweater off; quilt on, quilt off – means that I, too, am no longer the rosy-cheeked young mum who though this blogging thing might be interesting to try out. Many, many posts later, I’m a bit wiser and definitely more humble. I am also still grateful to have friends and readers here online. Thank you for visiting! Do leave a message and come again.


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