When I was 20, I dyed my hair pink for the day, donned a crushed, burgundy velvet cocktail dress that had been my grandmother’s, and took my college boyfriend to a hotel on the edge of town as a Valentine’s surprise. The night is no more memorable than that: my hair, the dress, the stale … More god

the show

I am standing in my living room stretching, dancing, and just enjoying the stillness of an empty house. The shades are open, trying to coax in the small bit of sunshine that has eked its way through the cloud mass. These clouds have gone on and on and seem to have settled with the inauguration, … More the show

5 meals

At the end of each year as I think back to high points of the past twelve months, I love to remember food. It’s so ephemeral – a combination of ingredients, many of which are lovely and memorable because of their peak ripeness that has the soil, the weather, and the grower for which to … More 5 meals


Here’s what came to me yesterday after the reality of the election settled in my Being. I cannot hide my light any more. No basket is big enough to darken my light. And each of us needs to let our light shine forth. Whether it’s the tiniest flicker or a fucking flood light, it must … More shine


The lead weight has been attached to the back of my head for weeks. For hours at a time, it grips my head – a sinister reminder that the contents of my head are encased in little more than a pumpkin shell. I’ve tried pills. And dark rooms. I’ve tried exercise. And self massage. But today … More allow


Why cling to one life till it is soiled and ragged? The sun dies and dies squandering a hundred lived every instant  God has decreed life for you and He will give another and another and another  -Rumi Pregnant and bursting, September aches for the chill of October. Life clings insistently – growing odd orange … More precarious


Years ago in Seattle I knew a woman who named her daughter July Peaches. This struck me as preposterous at the time, but now I see the beauty in it. So brief, so sweet are the peaches of late July and early August. Memorable, special – who wouldn’t want such a name. Standing over boxes … More peaches