Why cling to one life till it is soiled and ragged? The sun dies and dies squandering a hundred lived every instant  God has decreed life for you and He will give another and another and another  -Rumi Pregnant and bursting, September aches for the chill of October. Life clings insistently – growing odd orange … More precarious


Years ago in Seattle I knew a woman who named her daughter July Peaches. This struck me as preposterous at the time, but now I see the beauty in it. So brief, so sweet are the peaches of late July and early August. Memorable, special – who wouldn’t want such a name. Standing over boxes … More peaches


Shedding layers – like removing the clothes of an office job. Like peeling off a damp, sand-filled swimming suit. Like leaving a sad relationship with worn ruts: repeat frustration, repeat melancholy, repeat misunderstanding. Lift the needle – new song. Shedding layers – a name given at birth but never fully understood. Who is this Jennifer? There were … More un-be-coming


Last night I walked the dog. Ok, I held on to the dog as he pulled erratically this way and that – this is what I really did. I took my usual route down the alley and left on Center. At that corner is a sliver of a house with a garden and a front … More gone


“I feel really awake. I don’t recall ever feeling this awake. You know? Everything looks different now. You feel like that? You feel like you got something to live for now?” – Thelma Last week in Chicago, under the expanse of July dusk, in a folding seat at Millennium Park – Thelma and Louise. The … More awake

girl in the bubble

The bubble – an ephemeral object of childhood wonder – has become something to fear or avoid. It’s even something to be ashamed of. We fear the burst of the economic bubble and dread a collapsing housing bubble. We fret that we live in socio-political bubbles, apart from people of other skin colors, political beliefs, or income levels. This … More girl in the bubble

old souls

It was an amazing day. A day of sunshine and verdant spring fields that rolled up toward the azure sky and then swooped down into the slate blue waters of the Pacific. Cows wearing their black and white spotted coats, grazed lazily on the grass that was insanely green from the rain from earlier in the week. A few fields over, … More old souls