“I feel really awake. I don’t recall ever feeling this awake. You know? Everything looks different now. You feel like that? You feel like you got something to live for now?” – Thelma Last week in Chicago, under the expanse of July dusk, in a folding seat at Millennium Park – Thelma and Louise. The… More awake

girl in the bubble

The bubble – an ephemeral object of childhood wonder – has become something to fear or avoid. It’s even something to be ashamed of. We fear the burst of the economic bubble and dread a collapsing housing bubble. We fret that we live in socio-political bubbles, apart from people of other skin colors, political beliefs, or income levels. This… More girl in the bubble

old souls

It was an amazing day. A day of sunshine and verdant spring fields that rolled up toward the azure sky and then swooped down into the slate blue waters of the Pacific. Cows wearing their black and white spotted coats, grazed lazily on the grass that was insanely green from the rain from earlier in the week. A few fields over,… More old souls

Pacific calling

I am sitting more these days. Listening in. My anxiety – an ancient friend – has been hanging around quite a bit. That pulsing feeling in my chest is how I know it’s there. Tap, tap, tap. I come downstairs this morning after a long night of staying up with my daughter who is working… More Pacific calling

dark woods

what is it i feel today, this last day of the year? melancholy – expectations – fear – a calling all are mixed in together part of me so eager to go – the mind churning, churning with lists and ideas of what is next, what to start, what to try! …. and then a… More dark woods