The lead weight has been attached to the back of my head for weeks. For hours at a time, it grips my head – a sinister reminder that the contents of my head are encased in little more than a pumpkin shell. I’ve tried pills. And dark rooms. I’ve tried exercise. And self massage. But today … More allow


Why cling to one life till it is soiled and ragged? The sun dies and dies squandering a hundred lived every instant  God has decreed life for you and He will give another and another and another  -Rumi Pregnant and bursting, September aches for the chill of October. Life clings insistently – growing odd orange … More precarious


Years ago in Seattle I knew a woman who named her daughter July Peaches. This struck me as preposterous at the time, but now I see the beauty in it. So brief, so sweet are the peaches of late July and early August. Memorable, special – who wouldn’t want such a name. Standing over boxes … More peaches


Shedding layers – like removing the clothes of an office job. Like peeling off a damp, sand-filled swimming suit. Like leaving a sad relationship with worn ruts: repeat frustration, repeat melancholy, repeat misunderstanding. Lift the needle – new song. Shedding layers – a name given at birth but never fully understood. Who is this Jennifer? There were … More un-be-coming


Last night I walked the dog. Ok, I held on to the dog as he pulled erratically this way and that – this is what I really did. I took my usual route down the alley and left on Center. At that corner is a sliver of a house with a garden and a front … More gone


“I feel really awake. I don’t recall ever feeling this awake. You know? Everything looks different now. You feel like that? You feel like you got something to live for now?” – Thelma Last week in Chicago, under the expanse of July dusk, in a folding seat at Millennium Park – Thelma and Louise. The … More awake

girl in the bubble

The bubble – an ephemeral object of childhood wonder – has become something to fear or avoid. It’s even something to be ashamed of. We fear the burst of the economic bubble and dread a collapsing housing bubble. We fret that we live in socio-political bubbles, apart from people of other skin colors, political beliefs, or income levels. This … More girl in the bubble