A Menu of Workshops & Talks

IMG_4299The following workshops and talks include elements of yoga and my grounding in creativity. They are invitations to reflect on your life and enter into ease with your life. In addition to these offerings, I’m happy to tailor something for a particular venue!

Just Breathe:  Yogic Tools to Address Everyday Stress  – This workshop can be offered for 75 minutes over six weeks or in longer chunks over 2-3 days. It includes information about the central nervous system and how stress and relaxation appear (and disappear) in the body. We’ll experience the connection of the mind and body and learn techniques that include gentle movement, various kinds of breathing, and guided meditation to help us navigate.

Inquiry into Movement – A series of prompts and movement practices that include dance, yoga, and guided meditation intended to unleash the creative spark! This playful series can be offered as a stand-alone hour, or span into a series of classes.

Everyday Creativity – Why wasn’t I comfortable calling myself a writer until I’d published a book? What are the ways in which many of us doubt our own creativity and remain blind to the beautiful and complex ways in which we creatively engage our world every day? This 75-minute talk, including Q & A, includes my own journey as a “creative,” interwoven with stories from people I’ve met via my books, my work at an academic research center, and in the world of yoga.

Opening to An Extraordinary Life – “Only that day dawns to which we are awake,” Thoreau wrote in 1854, at a time that seemed much slower and more idyllic than today’s harried world. Now, many of us are tethered to technology from the time we wake up until the time we go to sleep. A friend asks, “How are you?” and the most common response is, “Busy.” We long to feel awake, vital, and meaningfully engaged in our lives. Too often, we feel overwhelmed and out of control. How do we not only stay awake to the beauty of our lives, as Thoreau suggests, but dare to believe we can live extraordinary lives? In this workshop-retreat, we will use storytelling, movement, and writing to reconnect with what it feels like to be fully alive. We will learn techniques to weave into our daily lives, and reflective practices to help reassess your current habits and shift toward new ones.

Yoga Basics – An introduction to yoga as a “technology” through which to explore our physical, emotional, and energetic selves. I have taught this as an hour-long introduction for interested community groups, including very gentle movement that can be done in street clothes, or as a series of up to 6 classes.

Begin Again – Yogic Tools for Setting Your Intentions for a New Year (or any kind of “newness”) – Whether it’s the new school year, complete with sharpened pencils and new schedules, or the fresh expanse of a new calendar year, beginnings are exciting. They can also be overwhelming. How can you create a foundation for the new academic year that will help you to both create and protect space; stay attuned to energy and know how to soften or amplify it; set intentions that go beyond the kind of academic goal setting that too often leaves us feeling fried. Find out in this workshop!